Introduction to the Boost Method

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We employ the Boost Method, which is the industry’s first systematic approach to improving ad copy across an entire account. The Boost Method lets Enterprise customers quickly achieve massive incremental conversions, clicks, and reduce their costs per click.

1Prioritize the Account and Set Performance Benchmarks for Ad Groups


Run the Boost Index to identify portions of the account in most need of improvement


Our elite network competes to write new ad copy for you. Accept or Reject it as you see fit.

Set Performance Benchmarks

Winning ads set new high water marks for performance in each ad group

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2Push Impression Volume into Successful Ads


We'll run our Ad Sweeper tool, which finds and eliminates underperforming ad copy


Push impression volume into ads that are producing the most revenue for you

Round out

Systematically optimize for the secondary and tertiary ads in each ad group

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3Leverage Learnings and Address the Long Tail


For your non-head ad groups, we determine which tail ad groups can be improved


Create like groups of ad groups which share common themes and can be tested together


Test hundreds or thousands of ad groups simultaneously to provide account-wide rapid improvement!

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