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K8 Kenshoo Client Summit 2015 Recap
+-*Last Wednesday, May 20th, Boost Media and more than 200 of the most innovative companies gathered at the historic Golden Gate Club for K8 Kenshoo Client Summit. The exclusive conference is a combination of keynotes, panels, networking opportunities and interactive Learning Labs that provide attendees with a look into the future of modern digital marketing. […]
May 26, 2015 by Kate Coghlan | Events
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Robots vs. Humans: A Pizza Based Parable
+-*Recently I was reading a great post by David Siminoff, Founder of Shmoop, about An analysis of robot vs. human labor. David laid out a great analysis of “the war” between humans and robots, and the rational financial analysis for deploying the marginal robot instead of the marginal human.   While one interpretation of David’s […]