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Why Optimizing Creative Is Critical In A Constantly Connected World
By David Greenbaum
Posted May 4, 2015  | CATEGORY: Ads, Boost Media, Search
Recent weeks have brought a renewed focus on mobile search as it evolves in how consumers connect their physical and digital worlds. In particular, Google’s recent change to how they treat mobile search rankings for non-mobile optimized web pages has raised awareness that desktop and mobile searches are very different animals. While marketers and webmaster […]

Our Humans And Computers Will Come Together For Middle Work
By David Greenbaum
Posted July 23, 2014  | CATEGORY: Ads, Boost Media, Search
Jon Evans’ post “Welcome To Extremistan! Check Your Career At The Door” on TechCrunch warns of mass penury for this generation and the next as the dual horseman of the techno-apocalypse, robots and software, strip humans of their ability to make a living. Essentially, he predicts machines and algorithms will consume jobs faster than we can […]

Top 5: 2014 Grammy’s Creative Commercials
By David Greenbaum
Posted January 27, 2014  | CATEGORY: Ads
  With another Grammy’s in the books this year’s show certainly paid homage to the legends of yesteryear. Throughout the evening many artists from old and new came together to remind us of how music is so timeless. It is a journey that allows us to be transformed, encouraged; restored. Here are some inspirationally creative […]

Recap of Winter Search Insider Summit 2013
By David Greenbaum
Posted December 16, 2013  | CATEGORY: Events
      This year’s winter Search Insider Summit was epic. We laughed, we cried (laughing), we argued and we built bonds that will continue to move the industry forward.   At a high level, here’s how I reflected on the Summit: Events, Trends, Opportunities.   For the bite-sized content readers, we’ve also created a […]

Win of the Week – 176% Increase in CTR for Insulation Blowers
By David Greenbaum
Posted December 7, 2012  | CATEGORY: Uncategorized
Take a look at the two ads below. If you were looking to buy an insulation blower, which ad do you think you’d click on?   PPC Ad #1 PPC Ad #2  These ads are completely different. Yet one of them performed far better than the other.  But which one? And why?  The winning ad […]

Tips from the Boosters: Are you Driving a Ford or a Mustang?
By David Greenbaum
Posted June 6, 2012  | CATEGORY: Ad Text Tips
Once upon a time, the car industry used to use the term “mega brand.”  As in, Chevy was the “mega brand” but “Impala” was the brand.   They don’t use it anymore because it was a stupid concept that didn’t comport with reality.  People either primarily identify with the maker or the model, but not […]

Finding the Right Formula for a High CTR
By David Greenbaum
Posted June 1, 2012  | CATEGORY: Ad Text Tips
  David Greenbaum, CEO and Co-Founder of BoostCTR was featured in this week’s DMNews Search Marketing Plug-In along with Michael Gullaksen, SVP and managing director, Covario and Dana Todd, SVP of marketing, Performics.   Here are David’s 4 tips to boosting your CTR:

Multi-Channel Ads: The Importance of ‘Scent’
By David Greenbaum
Posted May 21, 2012  | CATEGORY: Ad Text Tips, Paid Search
Originally posted on Search Engine Watch   Interactivity is a cool feature and all, but old school mass media muscle still builds brand recognition better than anything else out there. And that’s why cross-channel marketing works so well – you can get the best of both worlds by using the mass media to build brand […]

Boost Media Rocks Elite Retreat With an Interactive Session on Ad Optimization
By David Greenbaum
Posted April 30, 2012  | CATEGORY: Ad Text Tips
The Elite Retreat is an annual exclusive event that connects people who want to take their business to the next level with experts who can help them get there. Last week, the 9th annual Elite Retreat event took place in San Francisco at the Clift Hotel, featuring industry experts and speakers such as Jason Nazar, […]

Behind The Scenes In Google’s Battle Against Bad Ads
By David Greenbaum
Posted April 23, 2012  | CATEGORY: Uncategorized
We loved last week’s article on Search Engine Land covering Google’s never-ending battle against bad ads, and the struggle to gain advertisers’ trust.   The article covers key measures that Google is taking such as:   The move towards being more transparent with advertisers and end users regarding the measures that Google takes to ensure […]

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