Not every product is bought by the end-user. Nor is every product ultimately paid for by the person who purchases it.


And when these two people aren’t the same, it’s usually one of three situations:


  • A gift
  • A B2B sale where the product (or service) is bought by a manager for an employee, or bought by one division and approved by accounting or HR
  • A non-gift bought by a parent for a child’s use. Think musical instruments, sports equipment, school supplies, etc.


So one of the first things you need to ask yourself when writing a PPC ad is, who WANTS this thing, and who ultimately has to shop/buy/pay for it. The answer could dramatically impact your messaging and word choice. And this win of the week is a perfect example of that:

So before you guess which ad won, ask yourself, who is likely to want Penguin gifts? And who would be likely to buy that person a Penguin Gift?


If you guessed little girls are most likely to want and Mom is most likely to buy, you guessed right.


So which language is most likely to appeal to Mom when searching out a gift for her little girl:

  • “Adorable” or
  • “Popular”


Yup: “Adorable” wins by a landslide. How big of a landslide? Just short of double the Click Through Rate, with a CTR boost of 96%


So when it comes to your PPC ads, who’s pinin’ and who’s buyin’ — and how should that be reflected in your copy?