Common wisdom says to know a man (or woman), walk a mile in his shoes. Copywriting wisdom says you gotta put yourself into the prospects shoes to effectively speak to them. And I think that skill powers the more effective copy in this recent BoostTCR win:


Now, if you’re just listening to the company’s PR, you’ll want to hype the dating site’s sophisticated comparability and match-making abilities. And maybe even mention the “affluent” clientele.


But if you put yourself into the shoes of a 50+ single person, who’s probably single because of a failed marriage and/or one or more failed relationships, are you really that eager to be “set-up” by some computer program? Or do you want to consider yourself a snob or a gold digger, by specifically going after “affluent” singles? Hell no.


More than likely, if you’re a 50+ single, what you want to know is where all the decent men/women are and how you might meet them and find someone special for your life. And if a dating site claims to have a group of such men or women, you might want to be able to search through the database yourself, right? Stay in control and do your own quality control and matchmaking?


I think so. And apparently so do quite a few 50+ singles as the winning ad TRIPLED Click-Through rates.


So put yourself in your customers shoes the next time your write up some PPC ads — it’s a tip from the Boosters you can take straight to the bank!