Ask any pitchman, whether he’s hawking products on the boardwalks or malls or on TV in infomercials, and he’ll tell you: you have to make it look effortless.


Slicing food with the ginsu has to look effortless. Operating that chop-o-matic or cleaning with the Oxyclean all has to look absolutely effortless, even to the point of doing it one handed or with one finger or whatever. You have to make it seem as if the product is doing all the work for you. Hence Ron Popeil’s famous, “Set-it and Forget it” mantra regarding his rotisserie oven.


Well, the same thing is true when it comes to PPC Ad Copy — you want to make it seem easy and automatic. Just take a look at this recent contest:


What you should notice is that the winning ad states that the software does all the work. It “transforms” your iTunes and finds album art and lets you view lyrics and so on.


But the losing ad tells you that the software “plugs into iTunes to Fix” stuff. Well, first of all, we instinctively know that the software won’t plug itself into iTunes — we’ll have to install the plug-in ourselves. In other words, it’ll be work just to get the software working. And then when it is working, what will we do with it? We’ll fix things. More work, right?


So is it any wonder that the winning ad boosted Click-Through Rates by 69%? Of course not. We all want things to be easy — especially when we’re paying money for the privilege! So take a tip from the boosters and make sure your PPC copy makes using your product or service sound easy (and fun)!