If you write for a living and/or consider yourself an avid reader, it’s kind of hard to even imagine this, but really — most people don’t like to read, especially if it’s not reading fiction for pleasure.


Why am I telling you this in a PPC Optimization Blog?


Well, take your best guess at which test won and I’ll explain how important this is:


OK, so Ad A won, and it’s mostly because Ad A’s copy avoids “Learn” and “Properly,” opting for “Find Out” and “Easy” instead. Because most people don’t like to read or to “learn” though reading. And if “Learn” has poor connotations for your audience, the probably aren’t too interested in the “proper” way to do things, either.


So Ad A outperformed Ad B mostly because Ad A understands that people think “reading’ and “learning” are work compared to “finding out” how “easy” something is.


So make sure that your ad writers are alive and sensitive to the emotional coloring of their words.