“Promise, large promise, is the soul of an advertisement.” — Samuel Johnson

Here’s a PPC ad writing tip from the Boosters you can’t straight to the bank:

  • When in doubt, make the promise bigger and/or more vivid

Think of this as the reverse-image of “Make my logo bigger”; you make the ad’s offer more tempting by making the mental image bigger and more vivid in the mind of the prospect. Here’s an example:

The winning ad boosted Click-Through Rates by more than half, with a 62% increase in CTR.

But let’s look at how the winning ad made the promise bigger. Just ask yourself what paints a more vivid mental image?

  • “We can help you get the permits you need,” or
  • “Get permit help.”

The first line draws a picture of the company doing the permit work for me and handing me all the permits I need. The second ad barely sparks an image at all. It remains an abstraction in my head. “Get help?” How much help, exactly?

And which Call to Action is more vivid?

  • “Watch our video to learn how?” or
  • “Learn about hassle free permits”

I don’t know about you, but I can SEE myself watching a video and effortlessly absorbing the details of how this company will get me my permits. But there’s no clear image that comes to mind when I read about “learning” anything. Not only that, but many people view learning as work, so besides being an unclear or dull image, it’s also a potentially negative one to boot.

So there you have it: make the offer bigger in the mind of the prospect, by making the promised benefit more vivid, and you’ll get bigger CTR performance to match.