The overwhelming expectation for the online and virtual world is one of immediacy. As — a service that lets you send digital files right now — used to say “Overnight? Are you kidding me?”


And this spills over into PPC Ads, as well. Whatever your ad is promising searchers, they’re expecting it to be delivered NOW. Or are suspicious if you don’t promise immediacy of some sort. Which is exactly why this contest ended as it did:


When the losing ad promises “8 Free Quotes in 2 Steps,” it instantly loses most of the audience, which assumes that 2 whole steps involves them providing too much information, and probably a payment of some sort.


In other words, they assume that two steps is two steps too many. Why not just show me the quotes now?


The winning ad, on the other hand, promises to provide the quotes “Now,” on the first line of copy, and then further reassures searchers that the service is “Free!” on the second line of body copy. Perfect. Is it any wonder that this more than doubled Click-Through Rates, boosting CTR by 115%?


So take a tip from the Boosters and make sure your ads promise as much immediacy as your service or store can deliver.