While there’s no doubt that “FREE” is a power word of advertising, “Free Trial” isn’t nearly as compelling as most company’s think it is.

First, a Free trial is never really free — there’s the time and effort invested by the customer, resources they might value even more than the money.

Second, and this is the real kicker, there’s still the question of HOW MUCH the service will cost AFTER the free trial expires. Humans might be a short-sighted lot, but most of us can still look past the 30-day trial to wonder what’ll cost us after that, a concern that largely kills the thrill of a free trial.

And while this competition isn’t really about free trial, the results play off of the exact same dynamic, as the losing ad offers a “Free for 3 users” incentive, which leaves the prospect wondering how much the service costs once you exceed 3 users, while the winning ad just goes ahead and:

A) Skips the Free for 3 Users offer, and

B) Addresses the “How Much” concern directly

Take a look at see for yourself:

So how much better did the winning ad do? It generated 78% higher Click-Through Rates.

That’s a substantial increase for simply addressing the “what happens after?” question. Well worth the effort, for anyone in a “Free Trial” or Freemium-based industry.