This will hardly surprise you, but most of us don’t tend to care about (or at least act on) things we ought to care about, and many of us are very passionate in our pursuit of stuff that we probably oughtn’t to care so much about.

Yup. We’re human. Big surprise, right? But while it’s easy to see in the abstract, it can be a lot harder to admit when you’re the one trying to sell people on the things that they should care about. And this contest is a perfect example of that

Should we care about Buying American? I tend to think so. But do we really? No. If you’re actually measuring results by sales, then “American-Made” almost never counts. In general, the fact that something is made in America almost never persuades enough people to buy to make it an effective marketing message.

On the other hand, high quality at discount prices pretty much always works, so long as your claims are credible or have proof. And yet, with PPC Copy, the proof can even wait until the post-click landing page, meaning that the ad copy itself normally just has to make the claims of high quality and discount.

And this is exactly what you see with the winning ad: it directly makes the claim of “high quality chairs” at “up to 70% off.” And that ad beat the paints off of “American-Made” with a whopping 126% increase in Click-Through Rate.

Could the claim YOU think is so important be not all that important to your prospects? Could you be underplaying the claims that might really persuade in favor of claims that quite simply don’t? The only way to really know is to test. And that’s a tip you can take to the bank.