BoostCTR Announces Partnership with Marin Software 12.7.11

Press Release: BoostCTR Partners with Marin Software


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3 PPC Ad Tips Inspired by Infomercials


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BoostCTR Creating Effective Copy At Scale For The Marketer Says Co-Founder Lenderman


TechCrunch, 3.14.11

The Demand Media of Search Engine Marketing, BoostCTR, Raises $1.6 Million


Wall Street Journal, 3.15.11

The Wall Street Journal’s Venture roundup includes the announcement


Read Write Web, 3.15.11

Read Write Web mentions the funding in their roundup of VC deals


Media Post, 3.15.11

Media Post’s “BoostCTR Secures Seed Funding” Piece


VentureBeat, 3.15.11

VentureBeat’s Deals and More Roundup Includes the Deal


Digitial Media Wire, 3.15.11

Digitial Media Wire Covers the Funding


Silicon Tab, 3.15.11

SiliconTap: BoostCTR Clicks into 1.64 Million


AdExchanger, 3.16.11

AdExchanger Covers the President and BoostCTR funding…side by side


Xconomy, 3.14.11

Xconomy’s run down of the BoostCTR seed funding


WiredVC, 3.17.11

WiredVC has a nice run-down of the funding


Search Engine Journal, 3.10.11

Is Your Ad Copy Out of Sync? A Common AdWords Ad Copy Mistake & How to Fix It


SEO Moz, 2.9.2011

Noob Guide to Internet Marketing (with BoostCTR mention)


WebmasterRadio, 1.3.2011

BoostCTR on Marketing Nirvana


Search Engine Land, 11.19.10

New Wave Of Paid Search Tools Coming: Q&A With BoostCTR’s David Greenbaum


BoostCTR Founder David Greenbaum at AD:Tech Describing what BoostCTR is and how it works.