It’s been a pretty busy week for Boost Media. In the last seven days we:

The coverage was really overwhelming – if you’re ever looking to introduce your product or service to a lot of different audiences fast, you might consider getting a round of venture funding from some of the best VCs on the planet (try angel list – worked for us!). In the interest of – well, bragging mostly, here is a quick roundup of funding coverage:

  1. TechCrunch breaks the funding announcement
  2. The Wall Street Journal’s Venture roundup includes the announcement
  3. Read Write Web mentions the funding in their roundup of VC deals
  4. Media Post’s “Boost Media Secures Series A Funding” Piece
  5. VentureBeat’s Deals and More Roundup Includes the Deal
  6. Digitial Media Wire Covers the Funding
  7. SiliconTap: BoostCTR Clicks into 1.64 Million
  8. AdExchanger Covers the President and BoostCTR funding…side by side
  9. Xconomy’s run down of the Boost Media seed funding
  10. WiredVC has a nice run-down of the funding

And of course because all of these fine, reputable publications covered the funding a number of scrapers and Twitter bots joined the party as well.

More About Us!

Since this is the unabashedly Boost Media centric round-up: Ryan and Jeff (of Win of the Week and Ads in the Wild fame) gave a great interview on how to write high CTR PPC ads over on the WordStream blog.


David had a great post on making sure your ads aren’t out of sync over on Search Engine Journal.


On the Boost blog we put up a great new Ads in the Wild column, Ryan took an interesting look at PPC Strategy: Search Marketing vs. Interruption Marketing, and then came back with another Win of the Week which took an interesting look at a 67% increase in CTR for realtor search.


What Else Happened this Week?

Since we’ve basically ignored any non-Boost centric activity this week, what did we miss? Drop a line in the comments!