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Category: "Ad Text Tips"

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Win of the Week: Coffee Break
Posted October 15, 2014  | CATEGORY: Ad Text Tips
Ah, Europe. If you’ve been, you know that Europeans are notorious for their odd style, tiny cars and, of course, great coffee. No self-respecting Frenchman or Italian goes without at least 4 caffeinated intakes a day- and they certainly don’t take it in the form of a whatever- flavoured- something-cino from a franchise. Coffee time […]

Win of the Week: Popping the Question
Posted October 8, 2014  | CATEGORY: Ad Text Tips
All right, people, put yourself in this hypothetical situation: You’ve found “the one” and you want to pop the question. But first—you need a ring. And you probably don’t have a casual $1.25 mill to throw down on a 15-carat rock like the one Kim K sports these days (we can’t all be Kanye). So you’re on a […]

Win of the Week: Turnin’ Up The Heat
Posted October 1, 2014  | CATEGORY: Ad Text Tips
It’s the first of October, and autumn is officially here. For most of us, it’s the time of year for turning leaves, chunky knit sweaters and of course, lots of filling comfort food. This season, maybe you’ll finally get around to trying one of those ambitious pumpkin recipes you saw on Pinterest. Or perhaps you’re […]

Win of the Week: Change Your Image
Posted September 24, 2014  | CATEGORY: Ad Text Tips
Thinking about upgrading your wheels? In the past, you most likely went to an auto dealership and shopped around with a pushy sales guy who tried to upsell you. Now, thanks to the beauty of online shopping, you can skip that whole process and virtually smell that new car scent from the comfort of your […]

Win of the Week: Gator Fight
Posted September 17, 2014  | CATEGORY: Ad Text Tips
We’re going down to the boondocks to find this week’s ad text winner. Don’t worry- we’re not actually wrestling gators- just ads associated with them. That’s right; alligator-themed parks do exist in this great country. That’s why this week, we’ve chosen two ads for ‘Gatorland;’ and let ‘em go at it!     Which one […]

Win of the Week – Best Dressed Ad Text
Posted September 10, 2014  | CATEGORY: Ad Text Tips
New York Fashion Week is undoubtedly the most important time in the Fashion World. Throngs of celebrities, fashion bloggers and style gurus watch the runway in anticipation for the must-have items to add to their wardrobes. Whatever the hot tickets of this season may be, from crop tops to tartan skirts, online shoppers will want to get their […]

University Marketing Strategy Doesn’t End at Ranking Lists
Posted September 4, 2014  | CATEGORY: Ad Text Tips, Paid Search
Each year, hundreds of universities compete for a coveted spot on the annual US top colleges lists. Securing a spot near the top of one of these lists guarantees more visibility and increases the odds for college-bound high school students to apply. But ranking lists shouldn’t be the only thing universities pay attention to. According […]

Deal Sweeteners Can Make the Difference
Posted January 16, 2014  | CATEGORY: Ad Text Tips, Paid Search
First, before I get too far into this, go ahead and guess the winner:   Now, if you’re a PPC professional, you really should have had no trouble picking out the real winning ad — Ad A — simply because Free Shipping vs. No Free shipping is kind of a no-brainer. Just ask Amazon.   […]

The Implied Benefit In PPC Ad Copy
Posted January 15, 2014  | CATEGORY: Ad Text Tips, Paid Search
Sometimes PPC Ad copy can do just fine not be grandly stating the benefit, but by implying it. Now, for the most part, I recommend you steer towards strong can’t-miss-it statement rather than subtle implication, but if you compare implied benefit to no benefit, implied wins — just as it does in this example here: […]

PPC Ad Copywriting Tip of The Year
Posted December 31, 2013  | CATEGORY: Ad Text Tips, Paid Search
In looking back at all of the Tips from the Boosters Columns this year, I was searching for some patterns — what topics and tips seemed to repeat themselves the most. The short list looked something like this:   Write from the Prospect’s Perspective Choose Your Words Based on Their Emotional Connotations Internal Consistency and […]

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