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Category: "Ad Text Tips"

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Win of the Week – Can Your Ads Read Minds?
Posted July 29, 2015  | CATEGORY: Ad Text Tips
Have a look at the two ads below. Imagine you’ve got a job interview lined up. Maybe it’s the first job interview you’ve had in a while, so you want to brush up on your skills — maybe even get a “sneak peek” of the questions you’ll be asked. You start surfing the web for job […]

Myth Busters: One-Size-Fits-All for Desktop and Mobile Ads
Posted July 23, 2015  | CATEGORY: Ad Text Tips, Customer Experience, Paid Search
Best practices for managing paid search campaigns are full of commonly held assumptions, many of which are more myth than fact—especially when it comes to SEM ad copy. This Myth Busters series tackles these misconceptions one blog post at a time. In this installment, we dispel the myth that you don’t need separate desktop and […]

Win of the Week – Three Characteristics of Winning Ads
Posted July 22, 2015  | CATEGORY: Ad Text Tips
Take a look at the two ads below. Both used the same URL, but the titles and body copy are significantly different. If you were searching for “horror movies,” which ads would win your click?   PPC Ad #1 PPC Ad #2   Ad #2 is the winner of this contest. Written by “ctr_guru,” it increased […]

Win of the Week – Think Like Your Audience
Posted July 15, 2015  | CATEGORY: Ad Text Tips
Whether you have kids or not, it’s time to think like a parent. If you were a parent, and you were looking for online games for your preschool-aged child to play, what would you be looking for? And which of the two ads below would you have clicked on?   PPC Ad #1 PPC Ad […]

Boost Media Hosts a Google Hangout On Air
Posted July 13, 2015  | CATEGORY: Ad Text Tips, Boost Media, Events, Video
On Friday, Boost Media’s Rob Lenderman and Michael Feldman hosted a Google Hangout broadcast hosted by Google Partners. Titled “Marketable Moments: Crafting Successful Creative,” Rob and Michael discussed how ad creative works in the marketplace, and how testing and optimizing your messaging strategies can increase campaign performance. Over 500 attendees joined the hangout and participated in the Q&A session following Rob […]

Myth Busters: Emotion Doesn’t Belong in SEM Ad Creative
Posted July 8, 2015  | CATEGORY: Ad Text Tips, Branding, Paid Search
If you are a veteran search engine marketer, designing ad copy tests might be one of the last things on your mind. After all, you are responsible for defining strategies to test last year’s KPI’s, pushing your team to innovate and maintaining a competitive edge. But this is precisely why you can benefit from reevaluating your […]

Win of the Week — Don’t Keep Them Guessing
Posted July 8, 2015  | CATEGORY: Ad Text Tips
Think you can guess which one of these ads boosted CTR by 180%?   So which one is the real winner? If you guessed Ad B, you guessed right. But the real question is WHY — and that can only be answered by examining the two ads side by side.   The Original Ad   The […]

Travel Marketeer: 10 Ideas On How To Win Online Travel Bookings
Posted July 2, 2015  | CATEGORY: Ad Text Tips, Customer Experience, Paid Search, Testing
The Travel Marketeer is a series dedicated to examining data, insights, and ideas around marketing, creative testing, and ways travel brands can improve the online customer experience. The series covers the following 10 topics to help you win online travel bookings:   Message price as more than a number   Price perception is shaped more […]

Win of the Week: Perfect Your Messaging
Posted July 1, 2015  | CATEGORY: Ad Text Tips
The days of scrapbooking may be said and done. That’s the winner of this week’s chosen contest is for a special kind of gift—a personalized map. Check out the two ads below. Which one inspires you to take more trips?     Boost Media writer “brazilianone” took a stab at this contest. And with a name […]

Travel Marketeer: Putting Travel Personas to Use, Part II
Posted June 25, 2015  | CATEGORY: Ad Text Tips, Ads, Customer Experience, Paid Search, Testing
Welcome to the Travel Marketeer, a weekly series where we examine data, insights, and ideas around marketing, creative testing, and ways travel brands can improve the online customer experience. In this week’s installment, we share ideas on how to utilize traveler personas to optimize ad creative.   Last week, we discussed different types of traveler […]

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