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Win of the Week: Spotless Ads
Posted March 25, 2015  | CATEGORY: Ad Text Tips
This week’s contest was for something terribly exciting- neutral floor cleaner. Shopping for cleaning products isn’t as fun as shopping for clothes or techie gadgets, but its something we all have to do once in a while- like going to the dentist.  Bust just because cleaning products are not as fun, doesn’t mean their ads can’t be […]

Win of the Week: Can’t Put a Price on Safety
Posted March 18, 2015  | CATEGORY: Ad Text Tips
One of the best parts of living in California is its mild winters. Luckily, most of us here don’t have to deal with shoveling driveways or torrential storms. But for many Bay Area snow bunnies, the Sierra Mountains are just a few hours drive away. When the powder is plentiful, the roads pack up with […]

Tuesday Ad Text Tips: Keyword Stuffing – Friend or Foe
Posted March 17, 2015  | CATEGORY: Ad Text Tips, Ads, Boost Media, Paid Search
Today’s Tuesday Ad Text Tip is: keyword stuffing – there’s a time and place.   Generally, keyword stuffing is a frowned upon practice in the world of search. For PPC ads, keyword stuffing crowds the limited space you have for the body of your text and can make your marketing messaging sound unnatural or annoyingly repetitive. […]

Win of the Week: High Performance Ads
Posted March 11, 2015  | CATEGORY: Ad Text Tips
With Spring rapidly approaching, many of us are ready to come out of hibernation and get outside for some fresh air. If fitness is your thing, then now’s the time to start training. That’s why one athletic shoe company ramped up their ad game to get style-conscious lady runners ready to hit the ground.   […]

Tuesday Ad Text Tips: To Brand or Not to Brand
Posted March 10, 2015  | CATEGORY: Ad Text Tips, Ads, Boost Media, Branding, Search
Today’s Tuesday Ad Text Tip is: always research and test the inclusion of your brand name in your ad copy.   Although including brand names in your ads could be an affordable way to boost site traffic and credibility, this is not always the case. Here are 3 questions to help guide your decision of whether to brand your […]

Win of The Week: Always Be Unique
Posted March 4, 2015  | CATEGORY: Ad Text Tips
If you’ve ever planned a party, you know it takes a lot of thought and attention to detail. From weddings to bar mitzfahs, blogs and inspiration sites are now standard search engine go tos when looking for unique ideas. That’s why one custom gift website stepped up their creative appeal to catch our eyes.   […]

Tuesday Ad Text Tips: More Traffic Isn’t Always Better
Posted March 3, 2015  | CATEGORY: Ad Text Tips, Boost Media, Search
Today’s Tuesday Ad Text Tip is: take the time to research the most relevant keywords to include in your ad copy so that you’re directing the right kind of traffic to your product or service. More traffic is not always better traffic.   Run a Google Search of Potential Keywords: The best place to start while […]

Win of the Week: The Next Generation of (Ad)thletes
Posted February 25, 2015  | CATEGORY: Ad Text Tips
This week, we saw a 226% CTR increase for kickboards. Take a look at these two PPC ads and choose your gold medalist.     Penned by Boost Media writer “chigga102” the ad on the left is the winner. It’s CTR of 1.5% beat out the original ad’s CTR of 0.45%. Let’s take a closer look […]

Tuesday Ad Text Tips – Back to Basics: Benefits, Features & Calls to Action
Posted February 24, 2015  | CATEGORY: Ad Text Tips
In today’s Tuesday Ad Text Tips, were getting back to basics with three of the most essential components necessary for creating persuasive search ad copy: benefits, features, and calls to action.   1. Benefits First: What’s in it for me? – In order to develop marketing messaging that truly resonates with consumers, it’s important to first put […]

Win of the Week: Ad Analysis
Posted February 18, 2015  | CATEGORY: Ad Text Tips
Where did we come from? This is a question we’ve all surely asked ourselves a time or two before. Search engines are now a more common place to go to dig up information and records on our family members. That’s why this ancestral analysis website improved their ad game to attract those curious seekers. Take […]

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