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Category: "Ad Text Tips"

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Win of the Week: Get the Glow
Posted April 21, 2015  | CATEGORY: Ad Text Tips
-+*Memorial Day is just a little over a month away. For most Americans, it’s the day we officially welcome summer with a backyard barbecue and a three-day weekend. You might want to start thinking about dusting off your grill and breaking out those shorts and sandals soon. And for all you party planners out there who […]

Why Good Search Ads Should Hit You Right In The Feels
Posted April 17, 2015  | CATEGORY: Ad Text Tips, Boost Media, Paid Search
-+*Since the early days of advertising, top brands have aimed to create connections with consumers to sell their products. A positive emotional response to an ad creates an attachment in the mind of the consumer, thus strengthening brand loyalty and increasing sales. But too often brands rely on formulaic processes and copycat messaging to write […]

Win of the Week: Spring Flowers
Posted April 15, 2015  | CATEGORY: Ad Text Tips
-+*“April showers bring May flowers.” – or so the proverbial rhyme goes. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen much rain in Northern California this season, but that hasn’t stopped the desire for beautiful blooms. Take a look at these two ads from a online plant delivery service and decide which one inspired shoppers to brighten up their […]

Win of the Week: Weekend Getaway
Posted April 8, 2015  | CATEGORY: Ad Text Tips
-+*The Spring Break hype is not over, people. Maybe you can’t jet off to Europe for a week like last week’s contest insinuated, but what about a weekend getaway to a city you’ve never been to? Seattle, New Orleans and Denver are just few hours away by plane. That’s why this online travel site gave […]

WOTW: Spring Break Edition
Posted April 2, 2015  | CATEGORY: Ad Text Tips
-+*If an upcoming vacation is on your mind, then you’re probably itching to get away. Lucky for you, travel promotions are in full force right now. That’s why this UK-based travel reservations site upped their ad game to help create the ultimate Spring Break getaway.   Take a look at these two ads. They are […]

Tuesday Ad Text Tips: Follow the Consumer Journey
Posted March 31, 2015  | CATEGORY: Ad Text Tips, Ads
-+*Today’s Tuesday Ad Text Tip is: position your ad copy to speak to where searchers are on their consumer journey.   Searcher psychology is a popular term here at Boost, and as you may remember, it refers to putting yourself in the shoes of the searcher. For example, what kinds of terms or phrases would a […]

Win of the Week: Spotless Ads
Posted March 25, 2015  | CATEGORY: Ad Text Tips
-+*This week’s contest was for something terribly exciting- neutral floor cleaner. Shopping for cleaning products isn’t as fun as shopping for clothes or techie gadgets, but its something we all have to do once in a while- like going to the dentist.  Bust just because cleaning products are not as fun, doesn’t mean their ads can’t be […]

Win of the Week: Can’t Put a Price on Safety
Posted March 18, 2015  | CATEGORY: Ad Text Tips
-+*One of the best parts of living in California is its mild winters. Luckily, most of us here don’t have to deal with shoveling driveways or torrential storms. But for many Bay Area snow bunnies, the Sierra Mountains are just a few hours drive away. When the powder is plentiful, the roads pack up with […]

Tuesday Ad Text Tips: Keyword Stuffing – Friend or Foe
Posted March 17, 2015  | CATEGORY: Ad Text Tips, Ads, Boost Media, Paid Search
-+*Today’s Tuesday Ad Text Tip is: keyword stuffing – there’s a time and place.   Generally, keyword stuffing is a frowned upon practice in the world of search. For PPC ads, keyword stuffing crowds the limited space you have for the body of your text and can make your marketing messaging sound unnatural or annoyingly repetitive. […]

Win of the Week: High Performance Ads
Posted March 11, 2015  | CATEGORY: Ad Text Tips
-+*With Spring rapidly approaching, many of us are ready to come out of hibernation and get outside for some fresh air. If fitness is your thing, then now’s the time to start training. That’s why one athletic shoe company ramped up their ad game to get style-conscious lady runners ready to hit the ground.   […]

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