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K2 Innovation Summit Twitter Recap
Posted February 17, 2014  | CATEGORY: Events, Uncategorized
[View the story "#K2Innovation Summit" on Storify]

Top 5: 2014 Grammy’s Creative Commercials
Posted January 27, 2014  | CATEGORY: Ads, Uncategorized
  With another Grammy’s in the books this year’s show certainly paid homage to the legends of yesteryear. Throughout the evening many artists from old and new came together to remind us of how music is so timeless. It is a journey that allows us to be transformed, encouraged; restored. Here are some inspirationally creative […]

#MotivationMonday – Change The World
Posted January 13, 2014  | CATEGORY: Ads, Uncategorized
  What will online advertisers and creative advertisers have in store for the masses in 2014? We’re hoping that 2014 will bring more enticing and creative advertisements. We salute advertisers that strive to push the envelope even further and think outside the lines.   “Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. […]

Weekly PPC Update – Back to School Edition Part 2
Posted September 8, 2013  | CATEGORY: Uncategorized, Weekly PPC Update
Hope everyone had a great weekend and that your Fantasy (and real life) teams are doing well!   In the spirit of back to school, let’s start with some learning opportunities from Google…   Upcoming webinars to get you up to speed include some really good Display-focused ones in September, like: [Display] Looking to the […]

PLA vs. Traditional PPC — What to Expect
Posted July 23, 2013  | CATEGORY: Uncategorized
Google Searchers always scan results for relevance before doing anything else. That’s why keyword match-up is so important in the headline — because if the seacher doesn’t find that instant signaling of relevance in your headline, she won’t ever read past that.   And this scanning behavior is one reason why image extensions, in the […]

Weekly PPC Update – Supermoon Edition!
Posted June 23, 2013  | CATEGORY: Uncategorized, Weekly PPC Update
Did anyone catch the first glimpse of the Supermoon last night?  We are planning to go outside at moonrise time to see it this evening.  That is, if we can get up the courage to leave our air conditioned house for a minute!   Without further delay, here’s this week’s hottest PPC news.   First, […]

Psychological Triggers & PPC Ads
Posted June 21, 2013  | CATEGORY: Paid Search, Uncategorized
Our friends over at Pardot have produced a pretty cool video (and free e-book) that gives a quick and dirty overview of 5 psychological triggers that can increase conversions. And we thought it would be worthwhile to look at each trigger in terms of PPC Ads: 1. Social Proof There are few ways to use […]

Weekly PPC Update – Up Too Early Edition!
Posted June 8, 2013  | CATEGORY: Uncategorized, Weekly PPC Update
Having kids means wrestling them out of bed on school mornings, and then being woken up by them at the same time on the weekends.  Not cool!   Well, what better way to start the weekend than with the past week’s latest and greatest PPC news?  Let’s get to it.   First, from Google…..   […]

Weekly PPC Roundup – Bowl Sunday Edition!
Posted February 3, 2013  | CATEGORY: Uncategorized, Weekly PPC Update
And, we don’t mean the Super Bowl.  At 3 o’clock, the Puppy Bowl is on.  We are waiting with bated breath to see who wins!  How about you?  Actually, we’re just hoping that the puppies aren’t napping like they usually are.   Enough about sports and puppies, though.  Let’s talk about what’s really important – […]

Caveman Follow-Up
Posted January 16, 2013  | CATEGORY: Uncategorized
A few week’s back, I wrote about a contest between two ads, one for “The Caveman Diet,” and the other for “The Paleo Caveman Diet.” The Caveman Diet won, mostly because the major search term was “caveman diet” and if you’re calling it a caveman diet, that’s usually because you’re not yet familiar with the […]

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