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CEO David Greenbaum’s Column in Search Engine Land
Posted October 30, 2014  | CATEGORY: Uncategorized
Boost Media CEO David Greenbaum was asked to share his thoughts on ad fatigue with Search Engine Land. In the column –  which was co-written with Frederick Vallaeys, co-founder at Optmyzr and former Google AdWords Spokesperson — David discusses the four reasons ads commonly fatigue, or stop delivering value:   Seasonality and Product Changes Copycat […]

How Starbucks Turned the Pumpkin Spice Latte Into a Marketing Jackpot
Posted September 22, 2014  | CATEGORY: Uncategorized
Today marks the official end of summer, which has us thinking about fall leaves, chunky sweaters… and the return of the pumpkin spice latte. We don’t care if you line up to order it in yoga pants, Ugg boots, a hoodie and an iPhone 6. We’re not here to ridicule the millennial favorite, somewhat “basic,” […]

Executive Spotlight: Michael Feldman
Posted September 16, 2014  | CATEGORY: Boost Media, Uncategorized
This week we’re giving the employee spotlight to Michael Feldman, Senior Vice President of Business Development. Michael joined the team in May and is focused on building sustainable partnerships to drive new channels of revenue and enhance product integrations with the digital advertising ecosystem. Prior to Boost Media, Michael spent over eight years at Google making key […]

PLA vs. Traditional PPC — What to Expect
Posted July 23, 2013  | CATEGORY: Uncategorized
Google Searchers always scan results for relevance before doing anything else. That’s why keyword match-up is so important in the headline — because if the seacher doesn’t find that instant signaling of relevance in your headline, she won’t ever read past that.   And this scanning behavior is one reason why image extensions, in the […]

Weekly PPC Roundup – Bowl Sunday Edition!
Posted February 3, 2013  | CATEGORY: Uncategorized, Weekly PPC Update
And, we don’t mean the Super Bowl.  At 3 o’clock, the Puppy Bowl is on.  We are waiting with bated breath to see who wins!  How about you?  Actually, we’re just hoping that the puppies aren’t napping like they usually are.   Enough about sports and puppies, though.  Let’s talk about what’s really important – […]

Caveman Follow-Up
Posted January 16, 2013  | CATEGORY: Uncategorized
A few week’s back, I wrote about a contest between two ads, one for “The Caveman Diet,” and the other for “The Paleo Caveman Diet.” The Caveman Diet won, mostly because the major search term was “caveman diet” and if you’re calling it a caveman diet, that’s usually because you’re not yet familiar with the […]

Win of the Week – 176% Increase in CTR for Insulation Blowers
Posted December 7, 2012  | CATEGORY: Uncategorized
Take a look at the two ads below. If you were looking to buy an insulation blower, which ad do you think you’d click on?   PPC Ad #1 PPC Ad #2  These ads are completely different. Yet one of them performed far better than the other.  But which one? And why?  The winning ad […]

Weekly PPC Roundup – The Stuffed Edition
Posted November 24, 2012  | CATEGORY: Uncategorized, Weekly PPC Update
After finishing Thanksgiving dinner part 3 just a little bit ago, we are *this close* to passing into a food coma for the third time in less than 24 hours. Before we do that, though, let’s take a look at the latest news in PPC from the past week!   First, from Google….   There […]

Do Your PPC Ads Know How to Take “Yes” For An Answer?
Posted November 15, 2012  | CATEGORY: Uncategorized
The unfortunately salesman who keeps selling after he’s made the sale can often find he’s talked himself out of a deal. That’s called not knowing how to take yes for an answer.   And you’d think that PPC Ads would never suffer from this problem, what with the extreme length limitations placed on them and […]

Call to Action vs. Room to Act
Posted August 23, 2012  | CATEGORY: Ad Text Tips, Paid Search, Uncategorized
As per Win of the Week, standard operating procedure, make your (educated) guess as to which ad won: So which ad really won? Ad B improved Click-Through Rates by 375%! And to understand why you have to understand a bit of visual psychology, as explained by Molly Bang in her brilliant book, Picture This: How […]

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