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K2 Innovation Summit Twitter Recap

February 17th, 2014 by



Weekly PPC Update – Olympics Edition

February 10th, 2014 by


Happy Olympics time everyone!  Take a little break from ice dancing to see the newest stuff in PPC world.


What’s the official news from Google AdWords?


How did you holiday campaigns go?  If you’d like to be in a better spot next year, or if you’d like to analyze your performance with advice from Google AdWords, then check out this list to help you:  Post Holiday Learnings.


You can check out most of the recent official Google AdWords news by looking at last week’s post.


Let’s see what the official PPC word from Bing/Yahoo Ads is………..


K, it’s slightly quiet on both AdWords and BingAds official blogs this week, BUT you can see the Bing Ads January Release Summary here.


How about the rest of the Internet?  


Every wonder how organic search affects paid?  Well, apparently even though Expedia got hit with a penalty for its organic search efforts via unnatural links, it still has a positive bottom line.


Here are some optimization tips for ecommerce sites based on a large sample of client sites.


In the world of PPC we are facing more competition, and smarter competition.  Get some insights here about how to do a competitive intelligence report to get you started on the right foot this year.


Remarketing is something that a lot of advertisers have great success with.  Check out this Google Analytics post about how Remarketing is being improved and better able to target the people you want.  Along those lines, another blog post from Google Analytics tells us how to get Richer Insights for B2B marketing.  Check it out!


From HubSpot, some ideas on how to do keyword research.  We always find that our ideas on keyword research are constantly evolving.  How about you?


That’s it for now…have a great week, everyone!


Weekly PPC Update – Groundhog Day Edition ’14

February 4th, 2014 by


We were not too thrilled that Phil saw his shadow (or didn’t? or whichever one means we have 6 more weeks of winter), but we ARE thrilled that you’ve come to read the weekly PPC update!


Let’s see what’s new at Google………


Another part of the attribution modeling saga is here.  Figure out better how AdWords impacts website conversions.  This has been available for a while in Google Analytics, but is now integrated.


PLAs & Google Shopping – it’s a challenging concept that came to fruition in the fall, and here are some tips for Google Shopping campaigns.  The author points out some nuances that are good to help you have a solid foundation.


If you want to see some of the  other newest stuff from Mountain View, check out last week’s phenomenal update!


Let’s go over to Bing………..


If you are in the financial services/tax provider advertiser category, you can get a free ebook on advertising for tax season here to optimize for tax payers (ahem, all of us?).


The brief respite from Winter (aka going from negative temps to positive ones last weekend) makes us feel like Spring cleaning!  Do it to your Bing Ads campaigns with these handy tips.  Along those lines, see all the changes Bing Ads put in place for us last year to make 2014 a more streamlined Bing Ads process.


Now let’s see what the rest of the Internets are talking about………


SMX West will have good sessions on Excel for SEM.


Just for fun – see how people searched during and for the Superbowl.


Some more PPC account auditing tips for the new year.


And, this title says it all: Stop Treating the Yahoo! Bing Network Like the Red-Headed Stepchild [Infographic].  hahaha.


Enjoy your week, all!


Epic Super Bowl Commercials, Throwback Thursday Style

January 30th, 2014 by


Since 1967 Americans look forward to one thing in the winter time, one of the biggest sporting events of the year The tackles, penalties, halftime show and of course the commercials. In the past few years we’ve seen GoDaddy heat up their advertisements, Budweiser pull at our heartstrings and many other brands try to capture our attention. Many of us watch the big game just for the commercials.

Fun fact: The cost for a 30 second commercial spot in 1967 was roughly around $40,000. That’s nothing compared to the 2014 price tag of roughly $4 million!

The hype of the ads gets bigger and bigger as the years go by and with the use of social media brands instantly know whether or not their $4 million investment was a win or a bust. Let’s take a trip together and relive some of the most iconic Super Bowl ads from past games and see how the commercials have changed throughout the years.

No Nox Gas – 1968


Gillette Techmatic Razor – 1969

Prestone w/ Dick Butkus – 1970

Vitalis Dry Control – 1972

Noxema – 1973

Coca-Cola – 1980

Apple Macintosh – 1984

Diet Pepsi – 1989

Budweiser – 1995

Do you remember any great Super Bowl commercials we didn’t list here?

Share them with us in the comments below!


Weekly PPC Update – Too Many Vortexes Edition

January 27th, 2014 by


We’re sick of cycling in and out of polar vortexes in New England.  How goes it in your neck of the woods?  Let’s warm our frosty fingers around the glow of our laptops and see what was swirling around in the land of PPC news over the past week.


First, from Google…………


AdWords design changes are a-comin‘!  The goal is to make the design and usability of AdWords consistent with other Google products across the world wide web.


The AdWords blog had a great two part series on Ad Extensions this past week.  Google has even come out and said that impact ad rank, increasing the chances that your ads will get noticed more, so use them already!


Surely you are using Sitelinks.  If you’re not, here’s a guide to getting started.  If you’re a little more familiar with them, here’s a post about setting them up, reporting on them, etc.  Remember, you need to have at least six active sitelinks for desktop and four active sitelinks for mobile.


Now, let’s see what’s up with Bing Ads………….


Bing Ads Editor is getting an update to: improve user workflow, better indicate which campaigns you are working on, and more.  Check out the full rundown here.


Bing Ads expands their Sitelinks extensions to more countries including Taiwan, Hong Kong and Southeast Asia.


Bing Ads will host an “ask them anything” webinar on January 31st.  You can sign up here.


Finally, let’s see what others are buzzing about………..


From Search Engine Land:   Apple Buys Ads On Google & Bing To Celebrate The Mac’s 30th Birthday


Search Engine Journal has advice on how to make Google’s Search Partners program work for you.


Here’s a quick guide to writing ad copy that gets more clicks!


That’s it for now, folks.  Enjoy your week!