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Weekly PPC Update – Short Week Edition!

Sunday, June 30th, 2013


Did last week feel really long to anyone else?  Probably having something to do with it being the first week of summer.  Luckily, we have a short week coming up so we can get some serious summertime activities in.  How about you?


In the meantime, let’s get down to business with the best PPC news.


First, from Google…………..


On Monday, Google announced the launch of dynamic remarketing to all clients with a Google Merchant Center account. Right now, it’s geared toward travel and education sectors, but Google plans to expand availability later this year.  Here’s a Help Center article to help you get started.


Google also announced an addition to AdWords reporting they’re calling top movers.  To view the top movers report, click the Dimensions tab, then View: Top movers.  Included in this report is a possible causes, if available.  Should be interesting!


Did you catch this one?  Google is making the remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA) available to all advertisers using enhanced campaigns. With this feature, you can modify your search ads, bids, and keywords based on your visitors’ past activity on your website.  Here’s an article in Help Center to help you get going.


Linking AdWords and Analytics can be kind of a pain.  Google’s announced a process to make it easier.  Check it out here.  If you missed the webinar on using AdWords and Analytics together, here are some of the useful resources that were shared:


It was a busy week of AdWords announcements.  Affinity segments are a new way to target users by their lifestyles (vs. niche interests).  To be more specific, Google says “interest categories allow you to reach visitors across the Google Display Network who’ve demonstrated specific interests, regardless of whether your ad correlates with the particular topic of the page they’re currently on.”


Review extensions are now available in beta in AdWords.  Contact your rep to sign up.


Have you switched to Enhanced Campaigns yet?  Time’s a tickin’!  Here are some success stories to help overcome your fears.


Now, from Bing Ads…………..


Do you use Bing Ads Editor?  Here are some reasons why Bing thinks you should.  This article talks about using Bing Ads Editor to parse out keyword trends by region.


Bing provides some guidance for ensuring that your ads don’t get dinged for duplication:

  • Ensure your ad does not contain duplicate ad copy of any of your other ads.
  • Avoid submitting multiple ads linking to sites with identical content or with a very similar look and feel.

See the whole article here.


Bing Sitelinks are now available in all markets!


And, that’s it for this week ladies and gentlemen!  Have a great holiday!



Weekly PPC Update – Happy Dad’s Day!

Sunday, June 16th, 2013


Happy Father’s Day to all the hard working dads out there.  Before you head out to family picnics, take a few minutes to catch up on the latest PPC news with us.


First, from Google……..


Enhanced Campaigns are a little over a month away, and Google has some useful blog posts to bring us up to speed and get a head start.  First of all, starting with the Upgrade Center is a good idea.


See examples of how people have increased local opportunities, reached new audiences and spent less time managing campaigns in this post. Also, there have been some improvements to the Upgrade Center, including:  increased flexibility when copying keywords, automatic labeling of newly copied keywords, and uninterrupted keyword level tracking.


Auction insights reports are now more robust, enabling us to see competitor data on a keyword level, as well as for groups of keywords, individual or multiple ad groups, and individual or multiple campaigns.


Surely, you’ve linked your Google AdWords & Analytics accounts by now, but attending this webinar will give you more ways to look at your data, and it includes a Q & A.


Finally, if you’ve been wondering how your accounts will automatically upgrade to Enhanced Campaigns, you’ve gotta check out this post. There is a default upgrade for each kind of legacy campaign device targeting.


Now, from Bing Ads……….


If you’re wondering how Bing Ads will play with new Google Enhanced Campaigns, this post is for you.   In addition to “increasing our list of dynamic text supported for destination URLs to includeifmobile and ifnotmobile variables”, there are specific changes to bid adjustments, site link extensions, and more.  Most of these updates are not live yet, just fyi.


Have you used Bing’s keyword distribution graph?  It’s intended to ” reveal the keywords most important to the success of your ad. Use it to identify these particular keywords, and then build out those advancing your goal, and edit or remove those that aren’t”.  You can see a video, as well as some cool examples here.


Finally, from Bing Ads for this week:  Coming Soon to Bing Ads: Change History Graph Connects Your Actions to Results.    If you’re interested in testing this pilot, email


And, from elsewhere on the web………


Facebook is ending sponsored search results.  Read Search Engine Land’s take here.


Check out some key takeaways from John Gagnon’s speech at SES Toronto here.


Finally, a post with lots of useful information: The Top 10 Best AdWords Features You’re Not Using encourages you to take another look at features like the Image Ads Creator, Above the Fold Display bidding, AdWords Scripts, and more!


Now, we’ll return you to your regularly scheduled programming.  Have a great day and week everyone!



Weekly PPC Roundup – Brrrrrrrrrr Edition

Friday, December 28th, 2012


Hope everyone is having a nice week, whether you were off or just had a shorter work week.  For you faithful readers who are still chomping at the bit for PPC news at the end of a short week, here’s the latest and greatest!


First, from Google……


Check out this case study from the Mobile AdWords blog where a Brazilian bank uses the Conversion Optimizer for mobile apps, resulting in 31x more app downloads, and a 70% drop in cost per download..  You can also view the whole case study here.


If you need a refresher on the Display Network, Google recently updated the basic info page including everything you need to know about where your ads might show up.


There are always good discussions and nuggets of PPC wisdom in the AdWords Community.   Here’s a good recent conversation about why your Analytics and Adwords accounts may not be synching.  Here’s one about many-per-click vs. one-per-click. Enjoy lurking around!


From Bing Ads Land……


Everything at Bing was pretty quiet this past week.  Hopefully they are enjoying a quiet week too.  They deserve it after the significant updates that were rolled out over the last quarter.


There’s fun to be had lurking in Bing Ads forums too, though the latest posts (from December 28th) are about crashes and stuff not working.  Oops.


From Elsewhere on the Web…..


Seeking Alpha has a great article called Apple’s Slow and Steady Search Attack.  The takeaway from this article is really in the final paragraph:


“Siri still routes through Google (as a default search engine on the iPhone), and as currently constructed, is not yet a threat to Google search. But with clever maneuvering, courting Marissa Mayer, buying a real search engine and licensing enticing patents, Apple has a myriad of opportunity to defeat the search Goliath that is Google, on either our desktops or in our mobile phones.”




Search Engine Watch has Top News Events of 2012 & Resulting PPC Trends for your reading pleasure.


Search Engine Land has 7 Secrets For Dealing With Quality Score and Search Engine Land’s Most Popular Stories On Google+ In 2012: Panda, Knowledge Graph & SEO.


Search Engine Journal has an article with a title we couldn’t resist (even though it’s more SEO) Get Over Yourself – Matt Cutts Did Not Just Kill Another SEO Kitten about the press release link/SEO connection.


That’s it for this week, dear readers.  Hope your New Year’s is fantastic and we’ll see you in 2013!



Are You The Right Choice? How Will They Know?

Thursday, October 18th, 2012


When making a larger purchase, some people want to do all the research and be their own experts, and some people want to find an expert they can trust and rely on the expert’s judgement.

The first set of people are classic comparison shoppers who are most concerned with getting the best deal. And as deal shoppers, getting their business today does not lead to having their business tomorrow. We call them transactional shopppers.

The second set of poeple are more concerned with wasting their time or making the wrong decision than they are with price. And earning their trust today does lead to having their business tomorrow. We call them relational shoppers.

As you might guess, relational shoppers are the more profitable customers to acquire. And yet, PPC Ads tend to ignore this dynamic, because they tend NOT to focus their efforts on people worried about making the wrong choice, chosing to go after deal and bang-for-buck feature shoppers instead.

Today’s Win of the Week is a nice example of this. Knowing that, see if you can spot the winning ad:

So… which line of copy do you think is most apt to engage relational shoppers:

  1. “Follower & Engagement Analytics” or
  2. “The Most Complete Analytics Tools You’ll Ever Need!”

If you guessed “B,” you got it right, with Ad B, expertly penned by Booster Writewords, more than doubling CTR with a 166% increase over Ad A.


The relational shopper may or may not know what kind of twitter analytics she’ll need, so the “Follower & Engagement” part might just confuse her, while the “Most Complete…You’ll Ever Need!” claim would sound very reassuring to her ears.

And even the comparison shoppers would be eager to see just how complete the analytics package really is. Either way, Ad B will win more clicks, but in the case of the relational shopper, the ad will also win a higher CR as well.

So what kind of shoppers are your ads written for? And what kind of customers are you getting as a result?


Weekly PPC Roundup – Debate Edition

Saturday, October 6th, 2012


Anyone catch the debates?  Well, the closest we are going to touch on that today is in debating whether Google’s new ad rotation changes will appease the angry mobs it created back in the summer by limiting our ad rotation options. With that, let’s dive right into it.


What’s going on with AdWords this week


Impression share reporting changes coming soon outlines some new features coming to IS reporting, including new ways to segment search vs. display, time of day and more. It’s important to download any historical data you need before the changes occur in early November. Google says “To preserve an offline copy of your pre-October historical IS data with the existing columns, you must download all desired reports before the start of November 2012″.