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Camp Boost 2015 Recap
*+-Last week Boost Media threw the first annual Camp Boost company outing. In celebration of Earth Week, Boost employees packed their bags and set out for the breathtaking Northern California coast, where they would enjoy a fun-packed 24 hours of “glamping” in the great outdoors.   The event kicked off at 9:30 AM with Boost Brunch at […]
April 27, 2015 by Kate Coghlan | Boost Media, Events
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Why Good Search Ads Should Hit You Right In The Feels
*+-Since the early days of advertising, top brands have aimed to create connections with consumers to sell their products. A positive emotional response to an ad creates an attachment in the mind of the consumer, thus strengthening brand loyalty and increasing sales. But too often brands rely on formulaic processes and copycat messaging to write […]