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PPC Weekly Roundup 5/11/2012 – Spring is in the Air Edition

Friday, May 11th, 2012


After weeks of rain, spring finally appears to have come to New England! We at Boost are giving you a rundown of the week’s hottest search stories to add an extra “spring” to your search marketing step.


Let’s start with Search Engine Land’s (SEL) excellent article 4 PPC Tactics To Ensure You Meet & Exceed Your Plan, which gives some ideas about how to tweak PPC campaigns to meet quarterly goals. The first tactic is keyword growth via mining alternate data sources (like analytics reports) for more converting terms. Other tactics include: revising content network campaigns, leveraging outside resources for keyword expansion and bidding strategies, and “bidding up” high converting “head” terms. (more…)


PPC Ad Text Win of the Week – 52% Improvement for BoostCTR

Monday, August 8th, 2011


Today, I’m featuring another contest from the ongoing optimization of the BoostCTR campaign running on AdWords. I’m doing this for two reasons:


Reason #1. It’s important that you know “we eat our own dog food.” Which is to say, we follow the same ad optimization process that we recommend to our clients.


Reason #2. We have now completed a few BoostCTR contests. So I can show you how the ads have evolved over the last couple months.


With that in mind, let’s take a quick look-back at the very first contest we ran in this campaign




PPC Ad Text Win of the Week – 326% Improvement for BoostCTR

Thursday, June 9th, 2011


Have you ever seen PPC ads on Google that use extremely short copy as a way to stand out from other competing ads?


And have you ever wondered whether the approach works or not?


If so, I think you’ll find this Win of the Week quite interesting.


But first, which of these two PPC ads do you think had a higher CTR? Read both ads, make your decision, then scroll down to discover the answer.


PPC Ad #1

BoostCTR Content Ad #1
PPC Ad #2

BoostCTR Content Ad #2


Before you make your decision, it’s important to know that these ads were written to promote BoostCTR and ran only on the Content Network. They have not been tested on the Search Network.


So, really, the question is: Did the short copy format beat the long copy format? Or did the long copy format beat the short copy format?