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Win of the Week – The Perfect Gift
*+-With spring quickly turning into summer, wedding season is now in its prime time. If you’re finding that your calendar is filling up with a few too many hens or stags parties, rehearsals and ceremonies, this wedding supply e-tailer has you covered. Take a look at these two PPC ads for bridesmaid gifts. Which one […]
May 27, 2015 by Madeline Milani | Ad Text Tips
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Robots vs. Humans: A Pizza Based Parable
*+-Recently I was reading a great post by David Siminoff, Founder of Shmoop, about An analysis of robot vs. human labor. David laid out a great analysis of “the war” between humans and robots, and the rational financial analysis for deploying the marginal robot instead of the marginal human.   While one interpretation of David’s […]