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Google DoubleClick Search Partners with Boost

Thursday, February 27th, 2014



Boost And Google DoubleClick Search Partner Up


San Francisco, CA – February 27, 2014 – We are pleased to formally announce a landmark partnership between Boost Media and Google DoubleClick Search.


Below is the official press release from Google DoubleClick Search:


For search marketers, repeatedly writing and testing ads across multiple campaigns can seem unmanageable. To help advertisers and agencies streamline workflows and drive ad performance across these large-scale campaigns, today we’re announcing a partnership with Boost Media — bringing the company’s ad creative optimization solution to the DoubleClick Search platform.


Advertisers understand that the right optimization tools can make or break campaign performance. With DoubleClick Search, customers are already taking advantage of performance-driving features, including inventory-aware campaigns for dynamic ad creation, A/B landing page testing to drive traffic to the highest ROI landing pages, and the Performance Bidding Suite for real time bid optimization. Now, by coupling Boost Media’s ad optimization platform with core workflow and optimization tools from DoubleClick Search, advertisers can benefit in the following ways:


  • Increase profitability with proven optimization algorithms. On top of the intra-day keyword bidding from DoubleClick Search, Boost Media tests ads side-by-side, and chooses ads based on Boost Media’s proprietary algorithms. According to Boost Media, their clients experience a 30 percent increase in sales volume on average, while saving an average of 60 hours per month on writing, testing and reporting on creative.
  • Save time with tailored ad creation. Boost Media offers an expert network of professional copywriters in over a dozen localized languages to develop engaging and high-performing ads at scale. Advertisers can expect unique and creatively written ad text, distinguished from the standard Dynamic Keyword Insertion templates that are often used today.
  • Cut costs by focusing on the right ads. Boost Media decreases cost by identifying and eliminating underperforming ads and allows clients to capture additional, unseen revenue from their ad groups. According to Boost Media users see a 5% decrease in CPAs on average.


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About Boost Media

Boost increases advertiser profitability by using a combination of humans and software to drive increased ad relevance at scale. The Boost marketplace is comprised of over 1,400 expert copywriters and image optimizers who competes to provide a diverse array of perspectives. Boost’s proprietary software identifies opportunities for creative optimization and drives performance using a combination of workflow tools and algorithms.

About Google DoubleClick Search


DoubleClick Search customers interested in using Boost Media can contact their DoubleClick Search Sales representatives. To learn more about new developments in our partnership with Boost Media, stay tuned to the DoubleClick Search blog or follow us on our Google+ page.


Weekly PPC Update – Groundhog Day Edition ’14

Tuesday, February 4th, 2014


We were not too thrilled that Phil saw his shadow (or didn’t? or whichever one means we have 6 more weeks of winter), but we ARE thrilled that you’ve come to read the weekly PPC update!


Let’s see what’s new at Google………


Another part of the attribution modeling saga is here.  Figure out better how AdWords impacts website conversions.  This has been available for a while in Google Analytics, but is now integrated.


PLAs & Google Shopping – it’s a challenging concept that came to fruition in the fall, and here are some tips for Google Shopping campaigns.  The author points out some nuances that are good to help you have a solid foundation.


If you want to see some of the  other newest stuff from Mountain View, check out last week’s phenomenal update!


Let’s go over to Bing………..


If you are in the financial services/tax provider advertiser category, you can get a free ebook on advertising for tax season here to optimize for tax payers (ahem, all of us?).


The brief respite from Winter (aka going from negative temps to positive ones last weekend) makes us feel like Spring cleaning!  Do it to your Bing Ads campaigns with these handy tips.  Along those lines, see all the changes Bing Ads put in place for us last year to make 2014 a more streamlined Bing Ads process.


Now let’s see what the rest of the Internets are talking about………


SMX West will have good sessions on Excel for SEM.


Just for fun – see how people searched during and for the Superbowl.


Some more PPC account auditing tips for the new year.


And, this title says it all: Stop Treating the Yahoo! Bing Network Like the Red-Headed Stepchild [Infographic].  hahaha.


Enjoy your week, all!


Weekly PPC Update – It’s Almost Here Edition

Sunday, July 14th, 2013


Hello everyone, hope you’re having a fantastic weekend.  How is it middle of July already?


Let’s check out the past week’s top PPC news to get caught up.


First from Google…..


This is our next to last post before the big switch to Enhanced Campaigns.  Are you ready?  If you are brand new to PPC, here’s the skinny on Enhanced Campaigns – essentially, instead of dividing campaigns into targeting by device, AdWords advertisers will be running the same campaign on multiple devices & geographic areas with bid adjustments for each.  Here’s Google’s Resource Center for Enhanced Campaigns.  Don’t delay – mandatory switchover is less than 2 weeks away!


If you *aren’t* new to PPC, but still aren’t completely on board with Enhanced Campaigns, here’s are some useful links to bidding in the new system –  A Whitepaper with strategies for success with Enhanced Campaigns and a recorded Webinar on the same topic.


Also, if you’re really brand new to PPC, you probably should read this first from Google - Free Course On Creating Your First Online Campaign.  It’s Google’s first MOOC!  Here are the details:

  • What: Marketing 101, a massive open online course
  • Audience: New advertisers
  • When: July 22 – August 9
  • Requirements: Email address and a computer

Interested? Sign up for the course here.


From Google AdWords’ Engagement Ads, check out Google Catalogs in Lightbox — a scalable way to distribute eCatalogs.


Google’s new Databoard for Research Insights is an “interactive tool to help you quickly find what you need from our vast archives of industry-leading research. It’ll even help you tell a story from the stats, turning selected charts and data points into infographics that you can share.”  Check it out!


Now, from Bing Ads land…….


A back to basics article on ad testing by measuring against ROI, CTR, CPA, and Quality Score.  What’s your tried and true?


Just a heads up - by the end of 2013, Bing will require all users to log in to Bing Ads with a Microsoft account and will eliminate the option of using a Bing Ads account.


Search Engine Land touts Bizible as a solution for autotagging Bing Ads so data will show up in Analytics without tedious manual tagging.  check it out.


And, from elsewhere on the web……..


Online advertising is really half the battle.  What do your users do when they get to the destination URL?  Here’s a great article from WordStream – 12 Tests to Increase Your Landing Page Conversion Rate, Starting Today.


comScore says desktop searches are experiencing a rebound!!!!!!!!!!!!


Here’s a good one on Analyzing Cost-Per-Click Inflation In The Marketplace.


Finally, check out quality score explained by a former Googler.

Have a great week everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Weekly PPC Update – Sweltering Edition

Sunday, July 7th, 2013


Hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July.  We spent ours camping, got home yesterday and still smell like campfire and are still swatting imaginary mosquitoes away.


Let’s ease back into the real world together by catching up on the latest and greatest PPC news from the past week.


First from Google…..


Google AdWords had nothing new to announce last week, which is kind of incredible considering the volume of posts, announcements, and enhancements that were going out in the few prior weeks.  I guess even Mountain View breaks for the 4th of July.


There were several cool items in the Google Analytics blog to bring to your attention though.


Website satisfaction surveys are cropping up all over the place, and Google has its own free offering to throw into the mix.  You can customize questions for a small fee, but the standard offering costs nothing.  Learn more here.


On July 16th you can attend a webinar about the Google Analytics/Wildfire integration that will bring greater insights into social media efforts, which will start by showing you the best way to set up your modeling and reporting to include all your social marketing efforts followed by a live demo of the Google Analytics integration with Wildfire.


Last Wednesday Google Analytics rolled out a new AdWords integration infrastructure to improve data freshness and consistency by attributing both visits and clicks metrics to the most recent campaign name (vs. to all other prior campaign names).  There are also updates to how Analytics will handle Enhanced Campaigns, as well as a new feature of unlinking AdWords & Analytics accounts.


Now, from Bing Ads…….


The new Windows 8.1 Smart Search experience will include Bing Ads.  The post says that with one search, consumers can look for information across the web, device, apps and cloud.


Brazil joins the Yahoo! Bing Network which is now in 25 markets around the world – see the full list here as well as markets coming soon. Also, Brazil and Germany have newly redesigned Bing Ads websites.


Lastly from Bing, some tips on getting your ads and campaigns up to speed for back to school shoppers.


Now, from the rest of the web………


It’s against policy to advertise for fireworks or explosives with Bing Ads or Google Ads, but Search Engine Land found a few examples that slipped through the cracks.  Check it out here.


You can, however, see the top searches on the 4th of July courtesy of Search Engine Watch.


This Search Engine Land article takes a look at the impact Enhanced Campaigns will likely have on advertisers, including effect on CPCs, mobile bidding, and optimization for tablets.


That does it for this week, ladies and gentlemen!  Have a great week and rest of weekend.




Weekly PPC Update – Short Week Edition!

Sunday, June 30th, 2013


Did last week feel really long to anyone else?  Probably having something to do with it being the first week of summer.  Luckily, we have a short week coming up so we can get some serious summertime activities in.  How about you?


In the meantime, let’s get down to business with the best PPC news.


First, from Google…………..


On Monday, Google announced the launch of dynamic remarketing to all clients with a Google Merchant Center account. Right now, it’s geared toward travel and education sectors, but Google plans to expand availability later this year.  Here’s a Help Center article to help you get started.


Google also announced an addition to AdWords reporting they’re calling top movers.  To view the top movers report, click the Dimensions tab, then View: Top movers.  Included in this report is a possible causes, if available.  Should be interesting!


Did you catch this one?  Google is making the remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA) available to all advertisers using enhanced campaigns. With this feature, you can modify your search ads, bids, and keywords based on your visitors’ past activity on your website.  Here’s an article in Help Center to help you get going.


Linking AdWords and Analytics can be kind of a pain.  Google’s announced a process to make it easier.  Check it out here.  If you missed the webinar on using AdWords and Analytics together, here are some of the useful resources that were shared:


It was a busy week of AdWords announcements.  Affinity segments are a new way to target users by their lifestyles (vs. niche interests).  To be more specific, Google says “interest categories allow you to reach visitors across the Google Display Network who’ve demonstrated specific interests, regardless of whether your ad correlates with the particular topic of the page they’re currently on.”


Review extensions are now available in beta in AdWords.  Contact your rep to sign up.


Have you switched to Enhanced Campaigns yet?  Time’s a tickin’!  Here are some success stories to help overcome your fears.


Now, from Bing Ads…………..


Do you use Bing Ads Editor?  Here are some reasons why Bing thinks you should.  This article talks about using Bing Ads Editor to parse out keyword trends by region.


Bing provides some guidance for ensuring that your ads don’t get dinged for duplication:

  • Ensure your ad does not contain duplicate ad copy of any of your other ads.
  • Avoid submitting multiple ads linking to sites with identical content or with a very similar look and feel.

See the whole article here.


Bing Sitelinks are now available in all markets!


And, that’s it for this week ladies and gentlemen!  Have a great holiday!