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Weekly PPC Update – Sweltering Edition

Sunday, July 7th, 2013


Hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July.  We spent ours camping, got home yesterday and still smell like campfire and are still swatting imaginary mosquitoes away.


Let’s ease back into the real world together by catching up on the latest and greatest PPC news from the past week.


First from Google…..


Google AdWords had nothing new to announce last week, which is kind of incredible considering the volume of posts, announcements, and enhancements that were going out in the few prior weeks.  I guess even Mountain View breaks for the 4th of July.


There were several cool items in the Google Analytics blog to bring to your attention though.


Website satisfaction surveys are cropping up all over the place, and Google has its own free offering to throw into the mix.  You can customize questions for a small fee, but the standard offering costs nothing.  Learn more here.


On July 16th you can attend a webinar about the Google Analytics/Wildfire integration that will bring greater insights into social media efforts, which will start by showing you the best way to set up your modeling and reporting to include all your social marketing efforts followed by a live demo of the Google Analytics integration with Wildfire.


Last Wednesday Google Analytics rolled out a new AdWords integration infrastructure to improve data freshness and consistency by attributing both visits and clicks metrics to the most recent campaign name (vs. to all other prior campaign names).  There are also updates to how Analytics will handle Enhanced Campaigns, as well as a new feature of unlinking AdWords & Analytics accounts.


Now, from Bing Ads…….


The new Windows 8.1 Smart Search experience will include Bing Ads.  The post says that with one search, consumers can look for information across the web, device, apps and cloud.


Brazil joins the Yahoo! Bing Network which is now in 25 markets around the world – see the full list here as well as markets coming soon. Also, Brazil and Germany have newly redesigned Bing Ads websites.


Lastly from Bing, some tips on getting your ads and campaigns up to speed for back to school shoppers.


Now, from the rest of the web………


It’s against policy to advertise for fireworks or explosives with Bing Ads or Google Ads, but Search Engine Land found a few examples that slipped through the cracks.  Check it out here.


You can, however, see the top searches on the 4th of July courtesy of Search Engine Watch.


This Search Engine Land article takes a look at the impact Enhanced Campaigns will likely have on advertisers, including effect on CPCs, mobile bidding, and optimization for tablets.


That does it for this week, ladies and gentlemen!  Have a great week and rest of weekend.




Weekly PPC Roundup – Oh, the Places You’ll Go Edition

Friday, June 1st, 2012


The unofficial start of summer has arrived, but things don’t show any signs of slowing down in search marketing land.


First, big news out of Google: Google Places has been replaced by Google Local in Google+. We figured this would happen someday and here it is. New changes include a new “local” tab in Google+, Zagat reviews, and greater interactivity, and social integration. What do you think?


Using the AdWords “Auction Insights” Feature to Improve your Marketing Efforts from Search Engine Journal gives some great tips about how to use this new (and very cool) feature. Namely, for high quality keyword discovery, Auction Insights allows you to see what keywords some of your competitors are focusing on; for getting insight into your competitors’ media budgets, Auction Insights allows you to see how often competitors appear on Google for specific keywords and how often they are at the top of the page, and for identifying high performing competitor landing pages, check out websites with high impression shares & top of page rates. They probably have a really strong landing page that is driving conversions. (more…)