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Weekly PPC Update – Sweltering Edition

Sunday, July 7th, 2013


Hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July.  We spent ours camping, got home yesterday and still smell like campfire and are still swatting imaginary mosquitoes away.


Let’s ease back into the real world together by catching up on the latest and greatest PPC news from the past week.


First from Google…..


Google AdWords had nothing new to announce last week, which is kind of incredible considering the volume of posts, announcements, and enhancements that were going out in the few prior weeks.  I guess even Mountain View breaks for the 4th of July.


There were several cool items in the Google Analytics blog to bring to your attention though.


Website satisfaction surveys are cropping up all over the place, and Google has its own free offering to throw into the mix.  You can customize questions for a small fee, but the standard offering costs nothing.  Learn more here.


On July 16th you can attend a webinar about the Google Analytics/Wildfire integration that will bring greater insights into social media efforts, which will start by showing you the best way to set up your modeling and reporting to include all your social marketing efforts followed by a live demo of the Google Analytics integration with Wildfire.


Last Wednesday Google Analytics rolled out a new AdWords integration infrastructure to improve data freshness and consistency by attributing both visits and clicks metrics to the most recent campaign name (vs. to all other prior campaign names).  There are also updates to how Analytics will handle Enhanced Campaigns, as well as a new feature of unlinking AdWords & Analytics accounts.


Now, from Bing Ads…….


The new Windows 8.1 Smart Search experience will include Bing Ads.  The post says that with one search, consumers can look for information across the web, device, apps and cloud.


Brazil joins the Yahoo! Bing Network which is now in 25 markets around the world – see the full list here as well as markets coming soon. Also, Brazil and Germany have newly redesigned Bing Ads websites.


Lastly from Bing, some tips on getting your ads and campaigns up to speed for back to school shoppers.


Now, from the rest of the web………


It’s against policy to advertise for fireworks or explosives with Bing Ads or Google Ads, but Search Engine Land found a few examples that slipped through the cracks.  Check it out here.


You can, however, see the top searches on the 4th of July courtesy of Search Engine Watch.


This Search Engine Land article takes a look at the impact Enhanced Campaigns will likely have on advertisers, including effect on CPCs, mobile bidding, and optimization for tablets.


That does it for this week, ladies and gentlemen!  Have a great week and rest of weekend.




Specifics Outperform Generalizations

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013


Before we discuss anything, first guess which of these two ads outperformed the other:

Which did you pick: ad A or Ad B?

Well, if you picked Ad A, you were right, as it boosted CTR by a whopping 190%! So what’s the secret?

Two Reasons:

  1. Ad A gave the reader specific, imaginable functions and benefits (“Track Mentions, RT’s & More”), while Ad B stuck with generalities (“Find Out [How Your Twitter is Performing] & Improve w/ [Brand]“), and
  2. Ad A Featured a strong Call-to-Action that included the offer of a 30-Day Free Trial, while Ad B had no CTA or Free-Trial Offer to speak of.

Why Free Trials Don’t Boost CTR As Much as You Might Think

Now, it’s tempting to place all of the credit for the improved CTR on the Free Trial and Call-to-Action, but testing experience tells me that’s a mistake. Here’s why…

Free Trials boost CONVERSIONS, but often-times don’t boost Click-Throughs as much as you might think, because no one is interested in a free trial until they’re first at least moderately sure that the product offers what they want in the first place. And that’s because free trials aren’t free. They may not cost money, but the expense comes in the potential for wasted time, frustration, and opportunity costs that come with downloading and trying the wrong software/product/etc.

Why Imaginable Specifics Beat Out Generalities

So if the free trial and CTA aren’t the major driver, then that leaves the specifics vs. the generalities. And this also concords with testing experience. Why? Because the right specifics are imaginable and emotional, and often already in the minds of prospects in the first place.

If you’re searching for twitter analytics, chances are you already have some idea of what you’d like to track — that’s probably why you’re interested in getting analytics in the first place. And since the most easily identified metrics for tracking are mentions and re-tweets (aka RTs), it makes sense to mention this ability in the PPC Ad copy. Why? Because it identifies your product as the one likely to meet the searcher’s needs. And that’s what boosts CTR.

Of course, having the free trial info on there also helps and is likely to improve post-click conversion, so… DOUBLE WIN! And that’s why this contest is a featured Win of The Week.


Weekly PPC Roundup – ‘Tis the Season Edition

Saturday, December 8th, 2012


Whatever holiday you celebrate, we hope you are starting to feel festive.  Don’t forget to tell your boss that holiday bonuses are nice, but not expected or required.  (JUST KIDDING!)  It’s the best part of the year!  Unless you’re Clark Griswold, that is.


Without further ado, let’s review what happened in the wonderful world of PPC this week.


First, from Google….


This coming Thursday (12/13) and the following Thursday (12/20) at 11 AM PDT, Google will host two Google Plus Hangouts to help improve campaign performance during this critical season.  The topic of the first session is How to create stand-out ads during the competitive holiday season. The second session is about How to maintain the holiday momentum.  To join the Hangouts, just sign into Google+ and add the Google Ads +Page to your circles. Then, on Thursday, go to your Stream where you’ll be able to view the Hangout live with just one click.


Did you know that brands have created over 1 million Google+ pages in just the past few months?  It’s the giant social media elephant in the room and it’s not going away.  Google had another Google+ Hangout last week about Building a Digital Brand with Google+.  If you missed it, you can see a recording here.  The presentation uses Cadbury and H&M Google+ build outs and promotions to demonstrate the value it could have for others.


Have you taken advantage of the ability to see Analytics data in AdWords?  Like Jon Gritton, who is interviewed in this article, we have wondered why this didn’t happen sooner!  He touches on why it’s so useful to be able to see visitor metrics like bounce rate, pages per visit, and average visit duration to see how campaigns are really performing.  Mr. Gritton finds the bounce rate feature to be the most useful as it helps realign his campaigns.  We mostly like not having to toggle back and forth between Analytics and AdWords.


Now, from Bing…….


There was only one post in the Bing Ads blog this week.  Maybe they’re super busy working on a million updates like they were in the summer/early fall (view all previous PPC Roundups for details).


Using online dating sites as a metaphor for keyword performance (?) Bing Ads offers an in-depth look at Quality Scores and how they are determined.  The first thing they point out that is good to avoid low Quality Scores is to avoid using broad match keywords.  The recommended solution for this is to use the Broad Match Modifier, which only allows your ads to show if someone uses the exact terms in their search, in whatever order.  Check out the post Bing Ads Cure Keywords Caught in Bad Romance for more info.


Finally, from other parts of the web………


Looking for some new ways to say click here?  This post from Search Engine Journal’s got 20 of them.  It’s always fun to see something like this as we are mired down in day to day work.  Are there any you would add to the list?


Last week we blogged about Scroogled, and this week it seems like there’s just a lot of confusion.  This article from Search Engine Land (SEL) gives a pretty thorough look at why Google is wrong, why Bing is wrong, and what should be done.  Check it out.


If you are looking for guidance on setting up campaigns for PLAs, look no further! How To Take Control Over PLAs & Product Search from SEL gives a good overview about where to start.


Finally, the HubSpot blog gives a timely post on How to Set SMART Marketing Goals for 2013.  It’s a template that includes 6 steps to making sure that you are going into the New Year with clearly defined goals and your eyes wide open.


That’s it for this week, friends!  Enjoy your weekend!



Weekly PPC Roundup – Debate Edition

Saturday, October 6th, 2012


Anyone catch the debates?  Well, the closest we are going to touch on that today is in debating whether Google’s new ad rotation changes will appease the angry mobs it created back in the summer by limiting our ad rotation options. With that, let’s dive right into it.


What’s going on with AdWords this week


Impression share reporting changes coming soon outlines some new features coming to IS reporting, including new ways to segment search vs. display, time of day and more. It’s important to download any historical data you need before the changes occur in early November. Google says “To preserve an offline copy of your pre-October historical IS data with the existing columns, you must download all desired reports before the start of November 2012″.


Weekly PPC Roundup – Safe Landing Edition

Friday, June 22nd, 2012


Some temperature records were broken in the Boston area yesterday, and we’re still recovering.  Thank heavens for A/C, though, and for the coming weekend! Let’s start off with some conversion optimization to get the ball rolling.


We’ve all been there; you can drive the best PPC traffic in the world to a client (or your own) website, but what happens if the visitor lands on a page that is not only confusing, but actually deters conversion actions?!?  Search Engine Land presents 3 Common Landing Page Flops To Avoid to help avoid this dilemma.  Author Mona Elesseily presents three things to avoid in detail including: unclear calls to action, too many form fields, and bad images. What else would you add to this list?


While we’re on the topic of landing pages, Identifying and Fixing Your Worst Landing Pages
is a good article to figure out how to use Analytics metrics to identify poor performers. Author Rob Millard likes to look at bounce rate, navigation summary, and conversion rates.


If you are looking to go a little (or a lot) deeper with Analytics the article GA Advocate Justin Cutroni Answers Your Analytics Questions from the Google Analytics blog is good for you. It’s in Q&A format with some pretty advanced topics.


PPCHero is also using Analytics data to improve mobile PPC campaigns in 7 Analytics Reports To Get You Thinking About Your Mobile PPC Campaigns


PPC hits the mainstream with Is Click Fraud A Ticking Time Bomb Under Google? in Forbes. Basically, Google says that click fraud accounts for less than 2% of clicks, which the article says is “$200,000,000 of third party Web site fraud. This is a huge theft from advertisers everywhere. $200,000,000 is drug baron scale criminality.”  Click Forensics puts the number closer to 19%!!!  You do the math. It will be interesting to see if this story gets more traction and how advertisers react..


Looking to expand?  Search Engine People’s How to Improve AdWords Performance with Sitelinks explains sitelinks in general and then talks about how Google displays enhanced sitelinks based on other ads in your AdWords account. This really expands the level of potential ad real estate to a whole new level.


If you are newer to PPC, HubSpot offers up a soup to nuts article A Simple Guide for Setting Up Your First Google AdWords Campaign, which is a pretty comprehensive look at getting started in AdWords. Along the same lines, the third installment of the “AdWords Examples” series from Google is up – AdWords Examples – Right ads to the right user.  As we mentioned last week, the series is for beginners, but it’s fun to see what kinds of examples Google uses in each installment – this one uses lava lamps. The article is mostly focused on how to use the destination and display url functions.


Finally, Google AdWords had a webinar a few days ago, Bringing the power and control of search to display that covered the benefits of combining display with your search campaigns, step-by-step campaign set-up guide, and campaign optimization tips and best practices.
You can see current and past webinars from Google here.


With that, I wish you a wonderful weekend!