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Weekly PPC Update – Short Week Edition!

Sunday, June 30th, 2013


Did last week feel really long to anyone else?  Probably having something to do with it being the first week of summer.  Luckily, we have a short week coming up so we can get some serious summertime activities in.  How about you?


In the meantime, let’s get down to business with the best PPC news.


First, from Google…………..


On Monday, Google announced the launch of dynamic remarketing to all clients with a Google Merchant Center account. Right now, it’s geared toward travel and education sectors, but Google plans to expand availability later this year.  Here’s a Help Center article to help you get started.


Google also announced an addition to AdWords reporting they’re calling top movers.  To view the top movers report, click the Dimensions tab, then View: Top movers.  Included in this report is a possible causes, if available.  Should be interesting!


Did you catch this one?  Google is making the remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA) available to all advertisers using enhanced campaigns. With this feature, you can modify your search ads, bids, and keywords based on your visitors’ past activity on your website.  Here’s an article in Help Center to help you get going.


Linking AdWords and Analytics can be kind of a pain.  Google’s announced a process to make it easier.  Check it out here.  If you missed the webinar on using AdWords and Analytics together, here are some of the useful resources that were shared:


It was a busy week of AdWords announcements.  Affinity segments are a new way to target users by their lifestyles (vs. niche interests).  To be more specific, Google says “interest categories allow you to reach visitors across the Google Display Network who’ve demonstrated specific interests, regardless of whether your ad correlates with the particular topic of the page they’re currently on.”


Review extensions are now available in beta in AdWords.  Contact your rep to sign up.


Have you switched to Enhanced Campaigns yet?  Time’s a tickin’!  Here are some success stories to help overcome your fears.


Now, from Bing Ads…………..


Do you use Bing Ads Editor?  Here are some reasons why Bing thinks you should.  This article talks about using Bing Ads Editor to parse out keyword trends by region.


Bing provides some guidance for ensuring that your ads don’t get dinged for duplication:

  • Ensure your ad does not contain duplicate ad copy of any of your other ads.
  • Avoid submitting multiple ads linking to sites with identical content or with a very similar look and feel.

See the whole article here.


Bing Sitelinks are now available in all markets!


And, that’s it for this week ladies and gentlemen!  Have a great holiday!



Advertising a New Category? Clarity Is Your Friend

Monday, September 17th, 2012


The trouble with advertising a brand new concept or product/service category through PPC Ads, is that almost no one is yet searching for your product or service because they don’t know it exists yet.

And that means that your ads show up on searches for old-school options, rather than search terms specific to what you’re selling. In other words, your poor ads are set-up for confusion unless your skillful ad writing can overcome this challenge.

One example comes from a company that offers a third choice to the typical “pay for movers or rent a truck and move yourself” dichotomy. The third choice involves packing a moving pod and having a moving company drive your stuff for you. It’s a pretty cool option, but it takes a bit of skill to explain that to someone who’s actively searching on rental trucks or moving companies.

And that pretty much explains these results:

Note that the losing ad hardly explains this new option at all. The searcher for rental trucks is left thinking that this might be an ad for a full-service moving company. While the winning ad, deftly penned by booster brrescia33, explicitly calls attention to the fact that it is offering a new option — an option that combines the convenience of having someone else drive the rental truck with the savings associated with moving yourself.

In other words, the winning ad doesn’t pack more offers, calls-to-action, deal sweeteners, key words, or anything else into its copy and messaging. The only extra it sports is extra clarity on what’s being offered. And that clarity gained it a 162% increase in Click-Through Rates.

As I wrote in the title, clarity is your friend. So how clear are your ads?