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Weekly PPC Update – Up Too Early Edition!

Saturday, June 8th, 2013


Having kids means wrestling them out of bed on school mornings, and then being woken up by them at the same time on the weekends.  Not cool!


Well, what better way to start the weekend than with the past week’s latest and greatest PPC news?  Let’s get to it.


First, from Google…..


Have you used Dynamic Search Ads?  Google says that they are getting an average of 5-10% increase in clicks, conversions and ROI.  Perhaps it’s time to take a closer look.  Here are some tips on optimizing Dynamic Search Ads.  Here’s a webinar that provides an overview of what Dynamic Search Ads are.


Image Extensions are here!  So cool.  Obviously, we were thrilled about the addition of Sitelinks to AdWords, and this feels very much the same.  Get your ad to stand out big time by signing up for the beta here or contacting your AdWords account manager.


See Search Engine Land’s compilation of industry responses to this recent addition here. Many people are saying that Image Extensions will help advertisers who aren’t eligible for Product Listing Ads because they don’t have a MPN or UPI.


Here is Search Engine Watch’s recap of the Image Extensions announcement.


For something a little different, Google examined how Google search and paid ad click patterns can predict box office revenue. Learn some interesting nuggets like “Moviegoers search differently for big movie releases” by checking out the full report here.


Next, from Bing Ads……………


From the Bing Ads Academy series: Creating and Optimising Sitelink Extensions includes tips like:  keep them short, include offers, and include a call to action.  Also, here is a post on Enhanced Ad Extension reporting with Click Type – now available from Bing Ads.  Note that this is “coming soon”.


Here are some optimization tips for Bing Ads especially for real estate advertisers.  And here is a very similar post for UK property/real estate advertisers.


Bid adjustments are getting a makeover in the Bing/Yahoo platform.  You’ll see that these look eerily similar to what’s going on over in Google’s Enhanced Campaigns.  You can read all about incremental bid adjustments Bing-style here.


Finally, a post encouraging you to use different landing pages by match type, which makes a lot of sense!


That brings us up to speed for this week, folks.  Enjoy your weekends!


Weekly PPC Roundup – Playoffs Edition!

Sunday, January 13th, 2013


Happy weekend dear readers!  We hope you are enjoying this (weirdly) mild weekend and are enjoying the playoffs (if you’re into that thing).  Half time is up shortly, so here’s the most recent PPC updates to give you a head start on the coming week.


First, from Google……


Perhaps to make up for the lack of updates out of Mountain View in the past month, Google announces 3 upcoming AdWords Hangouts for us.  Some (ahem, the first two) look more interesting than others.  To join, add the Google Ads Google Plus page.  Upcoming topics include:

  • January 24th at 11 AM PDT: Breaking Down Ad Rank
  • February 7th at 11 AM PDT: Remarketing Tips
  • February 21st at 11 AM PDT: All About the AdWords Billing Cycle


Have you used AdMob to promote mobile apps? This Case Study about a Chinese mobile game developer shows some great successes the company had in attracting 80+ million downloads.


Finally, from Google this week: 10 Google Analytics Resolutions for 2013. More knowledge = better campaigns.  Google recommends some features released over the past year that can help you WIN in 2013.


Next, from Bing Ads/Microsoft ……


If you’ve passed the Bing Ads exam, it’s time to get your profile listed in the new and improved Bing Ads Professional Profiles.  Bing reminds us:


“if you want to prepare for the Bing Ads Accredited exam, then have a look at our free training hub which includes 32 training videos on a range of topics from setting up an account to campaign optimization. Taking the exam is currently free of charge and can be done here.”


And, not to be left out of the “top 10″ and “best ___ for 2013″, Microsoft Ads presents Microsoft Advertising Digital Trends & Opportunities in 2013.


From the rest of the web…….


Do your parents (or grandparents) know the difference between paid and organic search?  Yeah, ours don’t either. Targeting the Over 65 With PPC from Search Engine Watch gives some good stats about reaching this demographic.


Also, from Search Engine Watch:  1 PPC Resolution You Must Make: Fix Your Quality Scores gives some practical advice for how to do just that in Bing Ads.


From Search Engine Land: Analytics Matched Search Queries Vs. AdWords Keyword Details Report breaks down the difference between data available in Analytics vs. AdWords.


28 Revealing Questions To Ask When Reviewing Last Year’s SEM Performance, also from Search Engine Land recommends 28 ideas to help evaluate successes and failures for your accounts in 2012.


That’s it for this week, friends!  Have a great week!




Weekly PPC Roundup – Brrrrrrrrrr Edition

Friday, December 28th, 2012


Hope everyone is having a nice week, whether you were off or just had a shorter work week.  For you faithful readers who are still chomping at the bit for PPC news at the end of a short week, here’s the latest and greatest!


First, from Google……


Check out this case study from the Mobile AdWords blog where a Brazilian bank uses the Conversion Optimizer for mobile apps, resulting in 31x more app downloads, and a 70% drop in cost per download..  You can also view the whole case study here.


If you need a refresher on the Display Network, Google recently updated the basic info page including everything you need to know about where your ads might show up.


There are always good discussions and nuggets of PPC wisdom in the AdWords Community.   Here’s a good recent conversation about why your Analytics and Adwords accounts may not be synching.  Here’s one about many-per-click vs. one-per-click. Enjoy lurking around!


From Bing Ads Land……


Everything at Bing was pretty quiet this past week.  Hopefully they are enjoying a quiet week too.  They deserve it after the significant updates that were rolled out over the last quarter.


There’s fun to be had lurking in Bing Ads forums too, though the latest posts (from December 28th) are about crashes and stuff not working.  Oops.


From Elsewhere on the Web…..


Seeking Alpha has a great article called Apple’s Slow and Steady Search Attack.  The takeaway from this article is really in the final paragraph:


“Siri still routes through Google (as a default search engine on the iPhone), and as currently constructed, is not yet a threat to Google search. But with clever maneuvering, courting Marissa Mayer, buying a real search engine and licensing enticing patents, Apple has a myriad of opportunity to defeat the search Goliath that is Google, on either our desktops or in our mobile phones.”




Search Engine Watch has Top News Events of 2012 & Resulting PPC Trends for your reading pleasure.


Search Engine Land has 7 Secrets For Dealing With Quality Score and Search Engine Land’s Most Popular Stories On Google+ In 2012: Panda, Knowledge Graph & SEO.


Search Engine Journal has an article with a title we couldn’t resist (even though it’s more SEO) Get Over Yourself – Matt Cutts Did Not Just Kill Another SEO Kitten about the press release link/SEO connection.


That’s it for this week, dear readers.  Hope your New Year’s is fantastic and we’ll see you in 2013!



Weekly PPC Roundup – Shorter Days Edition

Sunday, September 30th, 2012


It really feels like autumn in the Boston area. How about in your neck of the woods? Since it’s getting dark earlier, you’re no doubt looking for ways to spend your evenings enjoyably in the glow of your laptop. To help you spend this time productively, we’ve brought together the biggest news in PPC from around the web.


Let’s start with the AdWords blog:


Sitelinks were one of the best things to happen to AdWords in a long time.  There has been no better way to date to maximize the real estate your ad takes up in SERPs.  If you’ve been Sitelink-stuffing (we just made that up), or adding Sitelinks where there shouldn’t be (i.e. a bunch of Sitelinks going to the same page), you are probably going to get caught by Google pretty soon.  This article from Inside AdWords outlines a new, stricter Sitelinks policy.


Inside AdWords also has a recent article entitled Introducing The Google Display Network Playbook for Performance Marketers. The playbook is already available online, and Google will be highlighting specific callouts from the publication over the next few months.  Stay tuned to the Weekly PPC Roundup for alerts!


Over at the Bing Ads/Microsoft Ads blog…


There’s a great article about innovations in Asian markets in the article Microsoft Advertising at Spikes Asia 2012: Shaping What’s Next.  The theme of the conference seemed to be pushing the boundaries of customer engagement.


For developers, there’s an announcement here: New Microsoft Advertising Ad SDK for Windows 8 Available Today.


Will you be attending the 2012 Advertising Week events in NYC this coming week?  Microsoft will be presenting thought leadership pieces on how Windows 8 can do for brands on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.


And, elsewhere around the web:


Using Web Analytics for PPC Optimization from Search Engine Watch is a good place to start for people new to AdWords.  Actually, a good place to start would be linking your Google Analytics account to your Google AdWords account properly.  Then, look at the Search Engine Watch article to see some key metrics you can use to evaluate your campaigns.


Also from Search Engine Watch, A Very Revealing Look at Paid Facebook Ads gives some interesting stats about Facebook Ads.  The article reveals top advertisers by countries, by domains, and more.  Revealing!


Also in NYC this coming week, SMX East!  You going?


Exact match domains have been a tactic for both SEO and PPC through the years, but Google issued a “Weather Report” last week saying that exact match domains for low quality sites will be hit with an algorithmic change sometime soon.  You can read more at Search Engine Land about the update here.


And, just because it’s cool:  Google is posting movie trailers in search results.  Have you seen any?


Finally, news from HubSpot: 50% of Facebook Fans Prefer Brand Pages to Company Websites [INFOGRAPHIC]. Makes sense to us, considering that brands feel like they have to be less corporate on their social media profiles.


Have a great rest of weekend, everyone!


Weekly PPC Roundup – Labor Day Edition

Friday, August 31st, 2012


Incredible to think that summer’s (un-technically) over and that Labor Day is only a few days away.  Have you broken out the cool weather clothes yet?  Yeah, neither have we.


But, while we are talking about cool things, here’s the latest news from the AdWords blog (aka the horse’s mouth):


Geo-targeting in AdWords is getting more precise.  Now we can target by Canadian zip codes, by Nielsen Designated Marketing Areas (DMAs), and new cities and regions in about a dozen countries.  Also, you can see how these campaigns are doing using geographic reports to analyze by specific region, and you can use location extensions and insertions to make ads appear more localized.


Meanwhile, over at Microsoft…..