We had our first freeze warning in the Boston area this weekend, but aren’t sure it actually happened.  Hope you are staying warm in your neck of the woods!  To bring a little warmth to your weekend, we’ve scoured the Internet for the week’s hottest PPC stories.  Enjoy!


First, from Google…..

Are you one of the many small businesses in the US that use AdWords Business Credit?  Google says that 74% of pilot participants now use AdWords Business Credit as their primary form of AdWords payment.


If you are a UK business owner who wishes they could use this line of credit for AdWords, you are in luck.  Now, if you are in the UK, you can apply for a UK Google AdWords Business Credit. Learn more about this financing option for AdWords here.  Note that in both the US and the UK, these credit cards can only be used for AdWords.


Google AdWords will be hosting some AdWords-themed Google Hangouts next Tuesday and Wednesday.  Avinash Kaushik and others will lead these hangouts focused around the theme of Customer Support in the Digital Age. Update:  Avinash will not be hosting a Hangout :( There are definitely other sessions that look worthwhile, though. Check them out.


To satisfy your jonesing for Avinash, here’s an oldie but a goodie from his blog, Occam’s Razor: Google Analytics Custom Reports: Paid Search Campaigns Analysis.


Meanwhile, in bing-land…


The Microsoft Advertising blog doesn’t have a whole lot going on this week.  The only post is really for developers: Optional SDK Update to Address Problems Experienced When Removing the Ad Container.


The bing Ads blog has some good articles, including one about the new inline budget suggestions feature in the bing Ads interface.  These suggestions live in the Campaigns tab.  Learn more about using the new feature here.


Also, this week, bing ads Sitelinks to ads!  Learn more about creating these extensions in this article.


bing has also enhanced its Ad Preview tool.  Now, the list of display language and publisher domains has been greatly extended, and the steps to access this tool have been simplified.
Follow the link to learn how to use these to your advantage.


And, if you haven’t been reading our weekly PPC Roundups, you may be a little behind, so bing outlines all of the most recent developments in bing Ads here.


And elsewhere around the Internet….


Search Engine Watch has an article called How & Why to Measure PPC Account Health.  Learn more in this article about Account Score Ratios, in particular.


Search Engine Land has an article recapping a recent report that says that Search ads represented “48% of the overall interactive advertising market in the first six months of 2012, bringing in $8.1 billion.”  Wow.


Have you used the Google Keyword tool that’s integrated with AdWords Editor yet?  This article from Search Engine Land reminds us that it’s a great tool.


That’s it for this week, friends.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend!