Which of these two PPC ads do you think won? Read both ads, make your decision, then scroll down to discover the answer.


PPC Ad #1

PPC Ad #1 - Realtor Search
PPC Ad #2

PPC Ad #2 - Realtor Search


HomeThinking.com is a web site designed to help you find the right realtor in your area. They list dozens of agent profiles, and even include agent statistics like average price of home sold, highest price, and lowest price.


This information helps consumers find a realtor who is a good fit for their needs.


With that in mind, which ad do you think won? Ready?


The winning ad this week is Ad #1. It was written by “jeffbaum71,” and it beat the control by 67%. Here’s why I think it won:


1. The winning ad places “Houston” first in the title. Since the ads were targeting consumers searching for Houston realtors, this immediately flags the target audience. The losing ad places “Houston” second in the title. It’s sandwiched between two other words, so it’s hard to see.


2. The winning ad repeats the word “Houston” in the body of the ad, whereas the losing ad does not. Repeating the keyword in the body of the ad usually helps to improve CTR.


3. Within the first 7 words, the winning ad has already clearly communicated what the consumer will get when he clicks: “Houston Realtor Search – Locate realtors in Houston” Can it get any clearer than that?


4. The winning ad includes a strong call to action — “Find a realtor now!” — while the losing ad does not use a call to action.


5. The losing ad suffers from trying to be too clever. The second line is basically wasted. We don’t really get to the punch line until the third line of the ad, which is way too late.


Bottom line: The new ad wins because it communicates clearly, repeats a primary keyword, and has a strong call to action. The new ad is also organized better: the most important information is featured first instead of last.


What else do you notice about the winning/losing ad? Leave a comment and share your thoughts. Thanks!


ryan-healy About the Author: Ryan Healy is a direct response copywriter and BoostCTR writer. Since 2002, he has worked with scores of clients (literally), including Alex Mandossian, Terry Dean, and Pulte Homes. He also writes a popular blog about copywriting, advertising, and business growth.